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Common Elbow Injuries

Thu, 10/04/2018 - 15:44 / By Omni Orthopaedics Staff

Common Elbow Injuries


Your elbow is quite the complex joint that allows mutiple axes of movement. It consists of your upper arm bone, and the two forearm bones. Each bone is capped by cartilage at the ends wich help them slide and also help absorb shock. They are all held together with ligaments, with tendons connecting the muscle to bone for movement. Because of the different axes of movement in this joint, there are multiple ways for things to go wrong.

There are 'one off' types of injuries such as dislocations, which happen when one of the bones gets knocked out of place, or impact injuries such as fractures, which can happen with a sudden blow.
There are also the more common sprains with those who are involved in athletic activities.

Other injuries develope over time, such as Bursitis. It is an inflamation of the Bursa, small fluid filled sacs in the joint that help cusion the bones, tendons, and muscles. Bursitis is most often caused by repeatative movement. This occurs commononly in factory and office workersdoing repetative tasks. Not as common, it can be from an accident or an infection.
Bursitis is usually treated with pain medication, and normally gets better within a few weeks.

Tendinitis, a swelling in the tendons around the joint from over use. Tennis Elbow is basically tendinitis which comes form repeated motion while playing tennis, as is Golfer's Elbow.

There are also injuries that are similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, where nerves that pass through your wrist get squeezed and causeses some wrist and arm issues.  There are two similar nerves in your elbow that can cause problems. Cubital tunnel syndrome, is when one of the main nerves in your arm, the ulnar nerve, gets squeezed as it runs along the inside of your elbow and passes through tissue called the cubital tunnel. This causes burning or numbness in your hand, arm, and fingers.  Radial tunnel syndrome, is when you have a similar issue with the radial nerve as it passes through the radial tunnel near the outside of your elbow, which can cause similar symptons but on the outside forearm and elbow. 

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