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When Should I See A Physician?

We all have busy lives that include things such as work, school, or taking care of kids so it can be difficult to schedule just one more thing. For that reason, when we begin to experience pain, we have a tendency to ignore it or minimize it so that we don't have to address it. If you're feeling pain, you shouldn't hold off on getting it checked out. Pain is often a symptom of a deeper issue. Whether you're feeling pain from your elbows, your feet and ankles, or anywhere in between it could be a rare and serious condition that is important to catch early.

Obtaining a Quality Diagnosis

The medical management of arthritis and joint degeneration may be handled by a family doctor, an internist, or a rheumatologist. However, when medical management is not effective, an orthopaedic surgeon should be consulted to determine if surgery is an option. In some cases, the orthopedic surgeon may be the first physician to see a patient and make the diagnosis of arthritis. While every orthopaedic evaluation is different, there are many commonly used tests that an orthopaedic surgeon may consider in evaluating a patient's condition.